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LNMB Conferences and Workshops until 2000

During the period 1989 - 1998 the LNMB has organized every year one workshop. Since 1999 the LNMB only supports workshops. These workshops are usually organized as part of an NWO-project.
Also since 1989, the LNMB is co-organizer of the Lunteren Conferences on the Mathematics of OR. In January 2000 the 25th Lunteren Conference was organized. From 2001, the responsibility of this conference is taken by the LNMB only. This conference functions as a platform where Dutch OR-scientists meet each other and where international specialists present lectures and discuss promising research areas. Furthermore, PhD students of the LNMB can give during this conference a presentation of their research results. Since the foundation of the LNMB, the following workshops and conferences have been held.