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Leiden (June 17 - 20, 1997)

This workshop, organized in co-operation with the Thomas Stieltjes Institute, was held in the Lorentz Centre in Leiden. The themes of the workshop were:
- Multimodularity and sequential optimization with speakers: E. Altman (INRIA, France), B. Gaujal (INRIA, France) and A. Hordijk (Leiden University).
- Markovian control problems with lectures by L.C.M. Kallenberg (LNMB and Leiden University), G.M. Koole (Free University Amsterdam), M.L. Puterman (University of British Columbia, Vanvouver, Canada), L.C. Thomas (University of Edinburgh, UK) and O.J. Vrieze (Maastricht University).
- Combinatorial games, presented by V. Feltkamp (University of Alicante, Spain) and H. Hamers (Tilburg University).
During this workshop, on Friday June 20 afternoon, the LNMB has celebrated their 10th anniversary by a jubilee lecture, presented by J.K. Lenstra (Eindhoven University of Technology), the presentation of the Gijs de Leve Prize, received by S.C. Borst, and the presentation of the first copy of the jubilee book to J.K. Lenstra as co-founder and first chairman of the LNMB.