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LNMB offer companies various options for cooperation and sponsorships. Benefits include:

  • Participation of employees to the yearly LNMB conference
  • Participation of employees to the NGB/LNMB seminar
  • Participation of employees to LNMB courses
  • Information booths at LNMB events
  • Organisation of intereviews with PhD students
  • Posting online of corporate openings and events
  • Personal communication of openings to PhD students



Enschede, 12 April 2024

ORTEC strengthens partnership by sponsoring LNMB

ORTEC, a global market leader in decision support software and data science expertise, announced today that it will sponsor the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (LNMB) for the next three years. The main aim of this strategic collaboration is to strengthen knowledge exchange and collaboration between the Dutch academia and the business community in the field of Operations Research (OR).

ORTEC's sponsorship not only incorporates the annual LNMB conference, but also focuses on supporting the network's various initiatives and activities, with an emphasis on promoting research collaborations and educational activities between academics and ORTEC, and on encouraging career development opportunities for LNMB-students.

“For more than 40 years, ORTEC has worked with leading organizations around the world to help them make better data-driven decisions,” said Gerrit Timmer, one of the founders and board member at ORTEC. “LNMB's sponsorship reflects our commitment to the further development of the field and our strong commitment to academia.”

Maria Vlasiou, director of LNMB and professor at the University of Twente, emphasizes the importance of the collaboration: "The sponsorship of ORTEC is a valuable incentive for knowledge exchange in the field of Operations Research. It allows us to strengthen our mission to educate the next generation of OR-practitioners in a holistic manner, both through high-quality education and by creating broad networking opportunities. It is good for our students to see where and how the mathematical methods they develop are applied, and for companies to be aware of the possibilities and opportunities that OR offers."

Timmer adds: “It is literally a two-way street, where we not only stimulate knowledge exchange, but also directly benefit from it. As part of the sponsorship, ORTEC employees can take advantage of the PhD courses offered by LNMB.”

In addition to sponsorship, ORTEC is also actively committed to the development of talent and knowledge within the academic world. Many ORTEC experts are affiliated with leading universities, where they participate in research projects and educational activities in the areas of operational research, econometrics, mathematics, and logistics.


ORTEC is a leading provider of optimization and analytics solutions that help organizations solve complex operational issues and make better decisions. With more than 40 years of experience in developing cutting-edge software and providing high-quality consulting services, more than 1,200 customers worldwide rely on ORTEC to improve their business performance, reduce costs and achieve sustainable growth.

About LNMB

The Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (LNMB) is a partnership of Dutch academic institutions that focuses on promoting research and education in the field of mathematical decision making. LNMB organizes annually conferences, seminars and courses to promote knowledge exchange between academics, students and professionals. The LNMB conference is an annual event that is interesting for both academics and OR-practitioners and is central to the OR community in the Netherlands.