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Information Guide on the Master and PhD programme of the LNMB

The education programme of the LNMB provides high quality teaching in the broad field of interest in the mathematics of operations research, including new interesting areas. The programme consists of 24 courses for Master and PhD students. Every year six Master courses and nine PhD courses are scheduled (the PhD courses have a cycle of two years). It is allowed that Master students attend PhD courses and, vice versa, that PhD students attend Master courses. The lectures are taught in the Uithof buildings of the Utrecht University.

Besides information about the LNMB courses, the information guide contains:

  • General information on the LNMB
  • Organizational and administrative affairs;
  • Information about the operations research groups at the Dutch universities;
  • Lists of members, PhD students and alumni.
Here you can download the information guide for the current and the last years