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Management Team
Dutch OR Groups


Twenty-ninth conference on

The mathematics of operations research


Organized by LNMB
(Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde)

January 13-15, 2004

Conference Center "De Werelt", Lunteren, The Netherlands

Annual meeting of Dutch senior and junior researchers
in the Mathematics of Operations Research.

The program offers high-quality research and applications
and should appeal to both academic researchers
and to management consultants in trade and industry.

The conference is sponsored by the Gebiedsbestuur Exacte Wetenschappen (NWO), the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics and the Mathematical Research Institute (MRI).

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Ten invited lectures
John Dennis (Rice University, Houston, USA) The algorithmic infrastructure for the surrogate management framework
John Dennis (Rice University, Houston, USA) Optimization using surrogates for engineering design, and some thoughts on working with industry
Vidyadhar Kulkarni (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA) Fluid models with jumps
Vidyadhar Kulkarni (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA) Managing warranty reserves
Kirk Pruhs (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA) Resource augmentation analysis of scheduling problems
Kirk Pruhs (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA) Scheduling to minimize energy usage and heat
Martin Skutella (Max-Planck Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany) Flows over time: algorithms and complexity
Martin Skutella (Max-Planck Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany) On the k-splittable flow problem
Peter Taylor (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia) Some interesting new perspectives on tandem Jackson networks
Peter Taylor (University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia) Capacity reconfiguration in logically fully-connected networks

Presentations by PhD students
(Tuesday 14.30 - 16.00 and Wednesday 14.30 - 16.00)
For each contributed paper by a PhD student a senior member of the society will act as discussant.
The following PhD students of the LNMB will present a paper at the meeting:
Edgar den Boef (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Optimal bus and buffer allocation for a set of leaky-bucket-controlled streams
Csaba Boer (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Distributed e-services for road container transport simulation
Gabriella Budai (Erasmus University Rotterdam) A Dynamic approach for planning preventive railway maintenance activities
Diah Chaerani ( Delft University of Technology) The robust shortest path with ellipsoidal uncertainty set
Sing Kong Cheung ( University of Twente) On the sojourn time distribution in the M/G/1 processor sharing queue
Frans Cruijssen ( Tilburg University) Order sharing in transportation
Ton Dieker (CWI)
On the buffer content and length of a busy period in a queue with Gaussian input
Mohamed El Ghami ( Delft University of Technology) A new class of barrier functions for primal-dual interior-point methods in linear optimization
Irwin Endrayanto ( University of Twente) An analytical model for CDMA downlink rate optimization taking into account uplink coverage restriction
Aránzazu Estévez-Fernández ( Tilburg University) On the core of multiple longest traveling salesman games
Wilco van den Heuvel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) A polynomial time algorithm for a deterministic joint pricing and inventory model
Peter Lennartz ( Utrecht University) The relation between the no-wait job shop problem and the traveling salesman problem
Linda Moonen (Catholic University of Leuven) Partitioning a permutation graph: algorithms and an application
Robin Nicolai (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Modelling the deterioration of high voltage poles: a comparison of methods
Niels Olieman ( Wageningen University) Optimal robust product design
Dennis van Ooteghem (Eindhoven University of Technology) Tail asymptotics for discrimininatory processor-sharing queues with heavy-tailed service requirements
Pim Ouwehand (Eindhoven University of Technology) Sales forecasting through aggregation
Eric Porras (Erasmus University Rotterdam) An efficient optimal solution method for the joint replenishment problem with minimum order quantities
Elena Sáiz Pérez Facility-pricing location game
Marcel Turkensteen ( University of Groningen) Common arcs in optimal assignments and shortest tours
Maria Vlasiou (Eurandom/Eindhoven University of Technology) Throughput analysis of two carousels
Michiel Vromans (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Homogenization and railway timetabling norms
Marcel van Vuuren (Eindhoven University of Technology) Compact Markovian arrival processes for the description of multiple arrival streams

Seminar "On-line methods: Challenges for OR in a real-time world" (Thursday) 
On the last day of the conference, Thursday January 15, there is a one-day special seminar on "On-line methods: Challenges for OR in a real-time world", organized in cooperation with the "Nederlands Genootschap voor Besliskunde" (NGB).
Jo van Nunen (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) 
Klaas Jan van der Bent (ANWB/Ordina, Den Haag) Online methods for dispatching service vehicles at ANWB
Bo Chen (Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK) Online Algorithms and Competitive Analysis
Joaquim Gromicho (ORTEC, Gouda) An overview of real-time online decision making in practice
Peter van Tooren (Almende, Rotterdam) In theory, practice and theory are the same, in practice however