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Tuesday January 16, 2001, Session A
  14.00-14.30 Sofia Kovaleva (Supervisor: F. Spieksma)
Approximation algorithms for an interval packing and covering problem
Discussant: A.M.H. Gerards)
  14.30-15.00 Petrica Pop (Supervisor: U. Faigle)
Relaxation methods for the generalized minimum spanning tree problem
Discussant: K. Aardal

Tuesday January 16, 2001, Session B
  14.00-14.30 Andrei Sleptchenko (Supervisor: A. van Harten)
On multi-class multi-server queueing and spare parts management
Discussant: A. Ridder
  14.30-15.00 Miranda van Uitert (Supervisor: S.C. Borst)
Generalized processor sharing queues with heterogeneous traffic classes
Discussant: J.P.C. Blanc

Tuesday January 16, 2001, Session C
  14.00-14.30 Alexander Grigoriev (Supervisors: A.W. Kolen, Y. Crama and J. van der Klundert)
Throughput rate optimization in high multiplicity sequencing problems
Discussant: A. Volgenant
  14.30-15.00 Hiddo Huitzing (Supervisors: W.K. Klein Haneveld and Timminga)
Detecting, pinpointing and analyzing of infeasibility of linear programming test assembly models using data sampling and set covering
Discussant: D. den Hertog

Tuesday January 16, 2001, Session D
  14.00-14.30 Marisa de Brito (Supervisor: R. Dekker)
Product returns in inventory control: an emperical study
Discussant: W.H.M. Zijm

Wednesday January 17, 2001, Session A
  14.30-15.00 Adriana Bumb (Supervisors: U. Faigle and W. Kern)
An approximation algorithm for the 2-level uncapacitated facility location problem
Discussant: F. Spieksma
  15.00-15.30 Leon Peeters  (Supervisors: J.A.E.E. van Nunen and L. Kroon)
Optimization for cyclic railway timetabling
Discussant: C.A.J. Hurkens

Wednesday January 17, 2001, Session B
  14.30-15.00 Ovidiu Listes (Supervisor: R. Dekker)
Stochastic solutions vs. scenario analysis for product recovery network design
Discussant: G.M. Koole
  15.00-15.30 Sanne Smits (Supervisor: A.G. de Kok)
Approximations for the waiting time in (s,nQ)-inventory models for different type of consolidation policies
Discussant: R. Boucherie

Wednesday January 17, 2001, Session C
  14.30-15.00 Nelly Litvak (Supervisors: I. Adan and J.Wessels)
Order picking in carousel systems operating under the nearest item heuristic
Discussant: W.K. Klein Haneveld
  15.00-15.30 Nicolai Popov (Supervisors: A. Hordijk and F.M. Spieksma)
Large deviation principle for a transient deflected two-dimensional random walk on the nonnegative integers
Discussant: I. Adan

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