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Project 13a. VU University Amsterdam
Combinatorial Optimization and Stochastic Operations Research

Leader Prof.dr. L. Stougie
Address Department of Econometrics and OR, VU University Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam
Phone 020 - 5986010
Research staff MSc Annelieke Baller, MSc T. Bosman, dr. G.J. Franx, MSc Dario Frascaria, prof.dr. J. Gromicho, prof.dr. B. Heidergott, MSc Maaike Hoogeboom, dr. D.A. van der Laan, dr. R.D. Nobel, dr. N. Olver, dr. A.A.N. Ridder, prof.dr. G. Schaefer, prof dr. F.A. van der Duyn Schouten, dr.ir. R.A. Sitters, prof.dr. L. Stougie, prof.dr. G.T. Timmer


Research themes:
1. Combinatorial Optimisation
1.1. Algorithms: complexity and approximation
1.2. Algorithmic game theory
1.3. On-line algorithms
1.4. Computational biology
2. Stochastic Operations Research
2.1. Markov decision algorithms for controlled queuing systems
2.2. Analysis and simulation of probabilities for rare events
2.3. Perturbation analysis and simulation techniques
2.4. Numerical algorithms based on Taylor series expansion.
2.5. Stochastic programming