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Project 11b. University of Twente
Discrete Optimisation

Leader Prof. dr. M. Uetz
Address Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede.
Phone 053 - 4896619 (secretary); https://www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/dmmp/
Research staff
  • Dr. A. Antoniadis
  • Dr. R.P. Hoeksma
  • Dr. P. van ’t Hof
  • Dr. G. Hoogsteen
  • Prof.dr. J.L. Hurink
  • Dr. J. de Jong
  • Dr. G. Loho
  • Dr. B. Manthey
  • Dr. M. Melistas
  • Dr. L. Pehlivan
  • Dr. J.G. van der Pol
  • Dr.ir. G.F. Post
  • Dr. G. Rattan
  • Prof. A.K.I. Remke
  • Dr. A. Skopalik
  • Dr. C. Stegehuis
  • Prof.dr. M.J. Uetz
  • Prof.dr. M. Vlasiou
  • Dr. M. Walter
Research themes
  1. Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Programming
    continuous and combinatorial optimization, analysis of algorithms, approximation & online algorithms, graph theory, scheduling, operations research
  2. Game Theory
    cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, stochastic game theory, algorithmic game theory, mechanism design
  3. Energy Systems
    modelling, optimisation, and control of smart energy grids and systems