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LNMB conference "The mathematics of operations research"
NGB-LNMB seminar "Fairness in Machine Learning and Operations Research"
January 16-18, 2023

Joint registration for the conference and the seminar can be done via the Conference Registration Form.
  • This form can also be used if you only attend the conference, or part of the conference and the seminar.
  • If you wish to only attend the NGB/LNMB Seminar on Wednesday (January 18): there will be a separate registration form for the seminar
  • It is possible to share a room at reduced rates; in that case a room mate has to be indicated on the registration form.
  • PhD students of the LNMB who attend the entire meeting including the seminar get a reduction of 50 euro of the fee (reduction is already included in the mentioned fees).
The various fees and other information can be found on the form. Please register as soon as possible, but preferably not later than January 6. Payment instructions are sent by email to you after completing the registration form.

If you wish to register after January 6, please contact the LNMB office (