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Invited Speakers

Alexandre d'Aspremont

D.I., UMR CNRS 8548,
Ecole Normale Superieure,Paris, France.
Alexandre.D.Aspremont AT ens cdot fr

Convex Relaxations for Permutation Problems
An Optimal Affine Invariant Smooth Minimization Algorithm

Short Bio

Alexandre d'Aspremont received a doctorate from Ecole Polytechnique in 2003 and a PhD from Stanford University in 2004. He joined Princeton's ORFE department in September 2004 after a postdoc at U.C. Berkeley. He moved back to Paris in 2011 thanks to an ERC grant and is now directeur de recherches at CNRS, attached to Ecole Normale Superieure. He currently teaches convex optimization at various Paris institution. His research focuses on convex optimization and applications to machine learning, statistics and finance.

Ramesh Johari

Huang Engineering Center, Room 311, 475 Via Ortega
Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4121, USA
ramesh cdot johari AT stanford cdot edu

Mean Field Equilibria of Dynamic Markets: A Survey (Part 1 + 2)

Short Bio

Ramesh Johari is an Associate Professor at Stanford University and the Cisco Faculty Scholar in the School of Engineering, with a full-time appointment in the Department of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E), and courtesy appointments in the Departments of Computer Science (CS) and Electrical Engineering (EE). He is a member of the Operations Research group in MS&E, the Information Systems Laboratory in EE, and the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. He received an A.B. in Mathematics from Harvard (1998), a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics from Cambridge (1999), and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT (2004).
He is the recipient of a British Marshall Scholarship (1998), First Place in the INFORMS George E. Nicholson Student Paper Competition (2003), the George M. Sprowls Award for the best doctoral thesis in computer science at MIT (2004), Honorable Mention for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award (2004), the Okawa Foundation Research Grant (2005), the MS&E Graduate Teaching Award (2005, 2010), the INFORMS Telecommunications Section Doctoral Dissertation Award (2006), and the NSF CAREER Award (2007). He has served on the program committees of ACM Electronic Commerce (2007, 2009-2011), ACM SIGCOMM (2006, 2011), IEEE Infocom (2007-2011), and ACM SIGMETRICS (2008-2009).

Rida Laraki

CNRS, LAMSADE, Universite Paris Dauphine
Professeur charge de cours a l'Ecole Polytechnique
Rida.Laraki AT shs DOT polytechnique DOT fr

Majority Judgment in theory
Majority Judgment in practice

Short Bio

Rida Laraki is Directeur de Recherche at CNRS in LAMSADE and professor at Ecole Polytechnique .
He is expert on mathematical game theory, voting, social choice and economic theory. He published 3 books, 20 articles and 4 book chapters.

Vijay Vazirani

College of Computing, KACB, Room 2142, 266 Ferst Drive
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0765
vazirani AT cc DOT gatech DOT edu

New (Practical) Complementary Pivot Algorithms for Market Equilibria
Dichotomies in Equilibrium Computation: Markets Provide a Surprise

Short Bio

Vijay Vazirani got his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from MIT in 1979 and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1983. His research career has been centered around the design of algorithms and computational complexity theory. He has made seminal contributions to the classical maximum matching problem, approximation algorithms and the computability of market equilibria. His work in complexity theory includes the Valiant-Vazirani theorem, proving that if UNIQUE-SAT is in P then NP = RP.
In 2001 he published what was widely regarded as the definitive book on Approximation Algorithms. This book has been translated into Japanese, Polish, French and Chinese. He was a Distinguished SISL Visitor at the Social and Information Sciences Laboratory at Caltech during 2011-12. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and an ACM Fellow.