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Project 11. University of Twente
Discrete Optimization and Stochastic Operations Research

Leader Prof.dr. R.J. Boucherie and prof. dr. M. Uetz
Address Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede.
Phone 053- 4893433; 053- 4893434 (secretary).
Research staff X. Bai (PhD student), I.A. Bikker (PhD student), Prof.dr. R.J. Boucherie, J. Bos (PhD student), Dr. A. Braaksma, A. Buijsrogge (PhD student), Dr. P.J.C. Dickinson, Prof.dr. N.M. van Dijk, G.J.H de Goeijen (PhD student), Dr.ir. J. Goseling, Dr.ir. M. de Graaf, M. Haji Ghasemi (PhD student), G. Hoogsteen (PhD student), B. Homan (PhD student), Prof.dr. J.L. Hurink, Dr. J. de Jong, Dr. W. Kern, S. Klootwijk (PhD student), C. Laan (PhD student), X. Li (PhD student), Prof.dr. M.N.M. van Lieshout, Prof.dr. N. Litvak, Dr. B. Manthey, A. Oblakova (PhD student), Dr. J.C.W. van Ommeren, J.W.M. Otten (PhD student), Dr.ir. G.F. Post, D.F. Quintero Pulido (PhD student), V.M.J.J. Reijnders (PhD student), J.H.J. van Sambeeck (PhD student), Dr.ir. W.R.W. Scheinhardt, A.J. Schneider (PhD student), M. Schoot Uiterkamp (PhD student), Dr. A. Skopalik, W. van der Sluis (PhD student), P. Sun (PhD student), Dr. J.B. Timmer, E.R. Tsai (PhD student), Prof.dr. M. Uetz, B. Vieira (PhD student), Dr.ir. N.M. van de Vrugt and Dr. M. Zonderland.

Research themes:
1. Discrete Mathematics & Mathematical Programming:
- continuous and combinatorial optimization, analysis of algorithms, approximation & online algorithms, graph theory, scheduling, operations research;
2. Stochastic Operations Research:
- telecommunication systems, queueing networks, large deviations, fluid models, pricing, wireless networks, IP networks, analysis of graphs and networks;
3. Game Theory:
- cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, stochastic game theory, algorithmic game theory, mechanism design;
4. Operations Research:
- manufacturing, logistics, inventory models, reliability, maintenance, transportation, traffic models, supply chain management;
5. Health Care Logistics:
- strategic, tactical and operational decision making to improve healthcare systems;
6. Energy Systems:
- modelling, optimization, and control of smart energy grids and systems;
7. Data Science:
- Information theory, complex networks, spatial statistics.