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Jacopo Pierotti (Delft University of Technology) - Bi-Objective Special Education Needs Bus Routing Problem
Supervisor: Theresia van Essen
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Abstract Dedicated schools for special education needs (SEN) students often offer to transport students from their homes to school due to health and safety considerations. This ride potentially has a negative impact; in fact, some of the students may express a tendency for aggressive behaviour because of a stressful commute. Hence, when designing busses routes, it is important to ensure that every student boards a bus with fellow students they are familiar with. On one hand, SEN students transportation is a very expensive service due to the need for dedicated busses, drivers and attendants (specialized staff). On the other hand, familiarity with the attendants and fellow students is a very important issue because it provides stability, re-assurance and a feeling of safety and security, which in turn contributes to the minimization of any negative impact whilst on-route. In this seminar, I will talk about how to simultaneously consider minimizing routing costs as well as maximizing the familiarity of the students.