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Rik van Leeuwen (VU Amsterdam) - Demand Forecasting in Hospitality Using Smoothed Demand Curves
Supervisor: Ger Koole
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Forecasting demand is one of the fundamental components of a successful revenue management system in hospitality. The industry requires understandable models that contribute to adaptability by a revenue management department to make data-driven decisions. Data analysis and forecasts prove an essential role for the time until the check-in date, which diļ¬€ers per day of week. This paper aims to provide a new model, which is inspired by cubic smoothing splines, resulting in smooth demand curves per rate class over time until the check-in date. This model regulates the error between data points and a smooth curve, and is therefore able to capture natural guest behavior. The forecast is obtained by solving a linear programming model, which enables the incorporation of industry knowledge in the form of constraints. Using data from a major hotel chain, a lower error and 13.3% more revenue is obtained.