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Emile Aarts: Data Science drives digital innovation

Abstract: Data science seeks to use all relevant, often complex and hybrid data to effectively tell a story that can be easily understood by non-experts. The emergence of this novel multi-disciplinary field of information processing results from the abundant availability and accessibility of data. This is often referred to as big data, were big relates to typical data assets such as volume, velocity, variability, and veracity. Data science can be considered as the driver of digital innovation. To turn data into value knowledge is needed from a broad range of disciplines extending from mathematics and computer science to ethics and law. Professionals who can handle this knowledge effectively are called data scientists and the corresponding profession is considered as one of the most attractive and exciting career opportunities of the 21st century. The Brainport City Region has identified its potential in relation to this novel human development challenge and announced in June 2016 the launched of the Brainport Data Science Initiative. Central to this large scale activity is the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in Den Bosch and its surrounding data science ecosystem.
The presentation will motivate the significance of the initiative and explain in detail its setup and various constituting components and activities.